What’s the deal with the license?
Sorry, but legalities are legalities.  I have to post it, you have to agree to it.  Otherwise, none of this gets done.

How do I open what I’ve downloaded?
It’s a .ZIP file.  Windows has built-in .ZIP file support, so use that or something more advanced.  If you’re using Linux, you shouldn’t even need to read this - you’re way beyond it anyway.

Why are there two .MID files in the archive?
One is a General MIDI version, which should play back on just about anything that can play a MIDI file, including Windows Media Player.  The other one has some “tricks” in it that can only be heard on software and devices that are compatible with the Roland GS standard.  If you don’t know what the Roland GS standard is, you probably should be playing the General MIDI file.

Which file is which?
General MIDI - GrabbagOriginalVer_GM1.mid
Roland GS - GrabbagOriginalVer_GS1.mid

Am I missing anything if I can’t play the GS version of the file?
Only some esoteric sounds that GM can’t make.  None of the notes are left out, which is the important part.

Is there anything else?
Ah, thanks for reminding me.  All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners or have been noted elsewhere on this site (the Download page, for example)  Not to be taken internally.

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